The best of Disney Movies

The best of Disney Movies


Disney releases a long list of successful movies every year. It is hard to choose among all the fabulous productions. We have done our best to pick the best of Disney movies, selecting only 10. Surprisingly, all of them fall into the animated movies.


Some of this examples are still part of the old guard, in which artists were using actual drawings to bring a story to life. The most recent films are the result of the joint efforts of computers and animation artists. However, the animation work doesn’t make them the best of Disney movies. It is the plots that granted a seat to every single movie on this list.



  1. Finding Nemo


Finding Nemo pictures uniqueness with a little clown fish kid (Nemo) with one fin smaller than the other. His father (Marlin) in an aim to protect him turns on Nemo’s will to challenge him. In the end, when Nemo is lost his father starts a journey to find him. On this journey he makes some friends that are characterized for their uniqueness, just like Nemo. The resulting voyage is not just about finding Nemo, but about finding better ways to be a parent. The message is valid for both children and adults, making this one of the top 10 Disney movies.



  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas


Tim Burton is much more recognizable than Disney on this movie. The drama brought by the King of Halloween who wanted to steal Christmas is so engaging that it is now a must see classic for both Christmas and Halloween times. The nightmare before Christmas, in addition, has the charm of all musicals. This particular movie also has the contribution of Danny Elfman’s compositions. His music adds genialness to Burton’s direction. The end result is an engaging work of art with dark humor weaved with comic scenes in a way only Tim Burton can manage.



  1. Wall-E


The merit of Wall-E is to be able to deliver an engaging story without a single word. With a trash compactor robot as the main character, Disney managed to create a very expressive character for a machine. Being equipped with artificial intelligence, Wall-E eventually develops wishes, desires, and love. Even knowing that he was just mimicking humans, at some point his feelings get real. The frame message also gives us a slap to protect our natural resources and even live a healthy life. In addition, this turns out to be a very touching movie that pictures love in a way outside the traditional romanticism most Disney movies tend to have.




  1. Alice in Wonderland


The excellent work on adapting Carroll’s book deserves a place on this list. The animated movie from Disney was released in 1951. Now it is a classic, and remains current. Despite the limited animation techniques, Disney’s artist managed to build an impossible world out of simple drawings. This movie has served as model for every other Alice tale. Each character was taken out of the book and put on an animation that was taken out of the collective mind. Everybody agrees when reading the book that this production was able to transform words into pictures in ways that no other movie had done before.



  1. Lilo and Stitch


Lilo is a lonely child, and stitch is a lonely alien. Their paths cross to create a family. On an unusual journey, this two characters will discover what does it mean to have somebody to care about. They will learn to love and care, and live joys and deceptions together.



  1. Frozen


For those who were not paying attention, Frozen is the classical princess tale in which the prince charm comes to the rescue. However, there is much more in Frozen than you think. It is about brotherhood (or sisterhood to be more precise). The female role that falls out of the typical victim character is its best feature.



  1. Up


Up is not the classical Disney movie. It is touching in many levels. At first it is a heartbreaking story that relies in nostalgia to give course to its story. There are many comical moments to put the right amount of spice the story needs. In the end, you realize that the journey was more about living today and enjoying your time with the people who are still with you than whipping about the past days that are gone forever.



  1. Monsters Inc.


Monsters Inc. is an animated movie from Disney that gives a message to children as it does to adults. The fictional monsters world in which working monsters frighten kids everyday in their everynight is a clear picture on how the world works in the lifes of adults. The kids who fear monsters get to know that they are not as fearful as their worst nightmares tell them. It is all put together in a way that the animated film has not just spectacular visual effects, but also drama, emotion, action, and emotiveness. All of it is balanced in a way it is considered one of the best of Disney movies.



  1. The Lion King


Who does not remember Hakuna Matata? For its time, the Lion King pictured a very controversial topic. The betrays within the story put a lot of drama for an animated film. However, it still has the charm of a children movie, and the story has remained in the heart of people for the past 20 years. In the end, the Lion King served as inspiration for a saga, an animated series, and even a Broadway production.



  1. Toy Story


Toy Story is now an important Disney’s franchise. However, when it was first made, Pixar was an independent firm. Now as part of Disney, we can consider it to be on this top list. This movie is a turning point in the history of animation, since it was one of the first fully animated 3D movies. The story is as engaging as the animation, and it marked a whole generation.





  1. zootopia
  2. Tangled
  3. beauty and the beast
  4. Peter pan
  5. moana
  6. The jungle book
  7. Cinderella
  8. Tarzan
  9. Cold queen
  10. Pocahontas
  11. mulan
  12. Sleeping beauty
  13. The little mermaid
  14. Aladdin
  15. Fantasia